International Surrogacy

International Low Cost Surrogacy in Colombia is a way for singles and couples who are unable to have children naturally to have a family.

Hope for singles and couples around the world

International Surrogacy

Individual Couples Therapy

Many countries have limitations or prohibitions against using a gestational carrier which leads to international surrogacy journeys in countries like Colombia and the USA which have either statute (written law) or  case law / jurisprudence that has established a precedent on the subject.

Although surrogacy is not mentioned in the Constitution of Colombia, it is now one of the main global destination for international surrogacy due to the Constitutional Court’s decision recognizing the legality and admissibility of surrogacy contracts when certain parameters are followed.

This has provided hope for singles and couples around the world.  It does necessitate a journey for singles and couples and knowledge of their home country’s exit process and citizenship requirements, but surrogacy in Colombia may be the answer to creating the family someone has always wanted.

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