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We are friendly to the LGBT community

Same-Sex Surrogacy in Colombia

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LGBT Surrogacy

We are friendly to the LGBT community and are pleased to be able to assist all singles and gay couples.

There are currently minimal global options for affordable gay surrogacy, and some surrogacy agencies do not offer surrogacy for same-sex couples.  In Colombia, gay surrogacy is possible, and the majority of our intended parents are gay men. We are friendly to the LGBT  community and are pleased to be able to assist all singles, gay couples, and heterosexual couples.

We have an incredible group of surrogate mothers and just the right egg donor for you if needed. Our team is looking forward to welcoming you to Bogotá and through your surrogacy journey.

Gay Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy Colombia was the pioneer of international surrogacy in Colombia and along with its partners, has performed by far the most cases in Colombia.  We offer more affordable family-building options for international parents of all sexual orientations.

Our many years of experience in assisted reproduction and surrogacy has created an international-friendly program for all intended parents.

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Surrogacy laws are favorable and surrogacy contracts are valid.  When the baby is born, the biological father will be placed on the birth certificate.   Learn more about Laws and Regulations in Bogotá Colombia.

Gay Surrogacy Laws in Colombia

Article 43 of The National Constitution of Colombia (1991) states that women and men have equal rights and opportunities before the law and cannot be subjected to any type of discrimination.

This was recognized the Colombian Constitutional Court in a landmark decision in 2015 that ruled that excluding same-sex parents as potential adopters was a limitation of the right of children to have a family and not be separated from it.

In addition, in parallel thinking, in sentence SU-214 of April 2016, The Constitutional Court ruled that same-sex marriage was legalized and that all judges and notaries would be heretofore obliged to perform that ceremony under the same conditions required for heterosexual couples.  Thus, same-sex couples have the same rights and obligations as heterosexual couples or singles, including the right to procreate.

Low-Cost Same-Sex Surrogacy in Colombia

Providing International Surrogacy Services in Colombia to Same-Sex Partners

Gay Surrogacy Cost

On major benefit of Colombian surrogacy is the cost.  The surrogacy cost can be $80.000 –  $100,000 USD less than surrogacy costs in the United States, one of the few other jurisdictions that allows surrogacy for same sex couples.  Many people cannot afford these high prices for their family-building journey, so Colombia may represent an affordable alternative.

Please Contact Us if you would like to learn more about our program, our gestational surrogates, egg donation, in vitro fertilization, or for package prices. Let us help you to start your surrogacy journey today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can 2 men or 2 women be represented on the birth certificate?

As it currently stands, no.  We can remove the surrogate mother to represent a single biological father without any woman on the birth certificate though.

Can we use a known egg donor?

Only anonymous donation is allowed in Colombia.

I am an HIV+ male, is surrogacy possible?

Yes, we can perform sperm washing so that the use of the semen sample is possible.

How can we be sure that our surrogate is taking proper care of herself and the baby?

In addition to frequent medical visits and with a psychologist during the process, a social worker will also visit your surrogate’s dwelling throughout the process.

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