Egg Donors

We have a variety of phenotypes (physical characteristics) with various blood types to assist your family-building. 

Colombian Egg donors

Egg donors are anonymous in Colombia, so you cannot meet them or know their identity.  We have a variety of phenotypes (physical characteristics) with various blood types to assist your family-building.  All of our donors undergo a battery of  tests before being accepted into our program.  They are tested for AMH and antral follicle count to ensure they have an adequate ovarian reserve and are good candidates for donation. They undergo a psychological evaluation, and they have medical screening including for infectious diseases and as carriers for various inheritable disorders.

Egg donation

Egg donation is a method of third party reproduction whereby the oocytes (eggs) of young, fertile women may be used to assist procreation.  Egg donation is usually used in situations such as when women have low ovarian reserve. They might pass along a genetic inheritable disorder, or when a male is single or  same-sex male couple.  Is often used in conjunction with a surrogacy program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use a known egg donor?

Only anonymous donation is allowed in Colombia.

What testing is conducted on surrogate mothers?

Similar to egg donors, they undergo psychological screening, infectious disease screening, and an additional uterine cavity evaluation before embryo transfer.

Do we communicate with our surrogate throughout the process?

We fully encourage this and will facilitate 3-way skype conferences in each trimester with a member of our team so you can build a close bond.

What testing is conducted on egg donors?

Donors undergo psychological screening as well as genetic carrier screening for various inheritable diseases such as cystic fibrosis, fragile x, and spinal muscular atrophy.  In addition, they undergo, infectious disease screening prior to donation for HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia.

How can we be sure that our surrogate is taking proper care of herself and the baby?

In addition to frequent medical visits and with a psychologist during the process, a social worker will also visit your surrogate’s dwelling throughout the process.

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